- Eliot Cooper


Chlorinated solvent sites can be challenging on their own, but they’re often made more complex by matrix back diffusion. That’s where zero valent iron (ZVI) can be an excellent remedy option, but only if it is properly understood and applied.

This chemistry has been used at numerous sites under a wide range of scenarios, including:

  • Source areas with DNAPL to plumes with low dissolved phase concentrations
  • In combination with electron donors and bioaugmentation
  • Lithology ranging from sand and clays to bedrock
  • Delivery through injection, fracturing, soil mixing and trenching
  • Sizes ranging from nano to microscale

However, it’s critical to recognize that success requires more than the application of ZVI chemistries. The methods of injection and optimization are just as important.

In this webinar Eliot Cooper, Cascade’s Vice President of Technology, will present a matrix representing best practices for optimizing ZVI remediation, which was developed based on experience at chlorinated solvent sites and the results of a recent industry survey. He’ll also be answering questions about ZVI amendment options at the end of the presentation in an open Q&A.

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