Wetlands and Bank Stabilization

What is Wetland Mitigation and Bank Stabilization?

There are times when due to extenuating circumstances, construction or other disruption must occur in wetland areas. Mitigation and restoration is intended to repair, enhance or create a new wetland area so there is no overall loss of wetlands. Bank stabilization involves protecting shorelines from erosion.

Wetland Mitigation and Bank Stabilization Services

Our wetlands and waterways are critical components to the maintenance of our environment, clean water, and climate. Mitigating and restoring our wetlands and stabilizing the banks of our rivers and streams is important work that must be handled with care.

Wetland StabilizationOur experts have decades of experience in restoration and construction work in bays, rivers and wetlands. We’ve worked on projects ranging from a sea wall repair in the New York City metropolitan area, to the remediation and installation of an underwater liner system at a National Priority List (NPL) Superfund Site, and to the restoration of an eroded stream bank that was threatening refinery infrastructure. We also partner with clients to…

  • Create wetland credits for use by their clientele
  • Remove sediment from swamps and lakes
  • Reroute streams and base flow while also managing through major storm and hurricane events