ELITE Program

In 2015, Cascade founded the ELITE Program to highlight talent throughout the organization and to implement a Hall of Fame for our best employees. Those who are recognized each year demonstrate not only exceptional work performance, but also a commitment to safety, skill, leadership, performance and accountability.


a photo of James Smith
Field Supervisor
a photo of Scotty Manning
Construction Superintendent
A photo of Bill Beuning
Senior Driller
A photo of Roberto Estrada
Senior Probe Operator
A photo of Marti Anderson
Project Manager Associate


Matt Osterberg | Senior Driller Cascade
Senior Driller
Mike Czech | Field Supervisor
Field Supervisor (Retired)
Don Winglewich | In Situ Injection Expert
In Situ Injection Expert (Retired)
Chris Barden | Senior Driller
Senior Driller


James Goble | Field Supervisor
Field Supervisor
Mike Bond | Senior Driller
Senior Driller
James Hall Jr | Field Supervisor
Field Supervisor


Todd Schmalfeldt | Senior Driller
Senior Driller
Jon Weeks |  Senior Driller
Senior Driller
David Wilcox | Sonic Drilling Rigs Specialist
Field Supervisor
Josh Sigler | Senior Driller
Senior Driller