→ Sequesters and destroys chlorinated solvent DNAPL

→ Targets known and suspected DNAPL source zones for up to 10+ years

→ Can be combined with other chemistries in the source area or plume

What is SourceKill?

SourceKill is an emulsified zero valent iron for chlorinated solvent source remediation. It is manufactured exclusively for Cascade by TEA, Inc., the first licensee of this NASA patent for DNAPL remediation at Cape Canaveral. SourceKill uses chemical reduction to primarily target known or suspected DNAPL source zones.

What Makes it so Effective? 

  • Injected as a neat solution, typically at 10% to 20% of pore space, while requiring no dilution
  • High persistence in the subsurface for five to 10 years (or more) to account for DNAPL diffusion into the eZVI
  • A propriety manufacturing process producing eZVI consistent with the NASA patent
  • Can be integrated into combined spatial remedies with other chemistries, including bioremediation, chemical oxidation/reduction, or sequestration

How Does It Work?

SourceKill involves placing micro-scale zero valent iron (ZVI) particles into a surfactant-stabilized, biodegradable water-in-oil emulsion. This emulsion is injected into the DNAPL-contaminated zones. The DNAPL is then pulled (sequestered) into the emulsion where the CVOCs react with the ZVI. Through a process known as reductive dehalogenation, the DNAPL and its daughter products are degraded into ethene. The by-products are finally broken down through biological activities in the subsurface.

Cascade Chemistries Overview

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Struggling with CVOC Source Treatment?

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ISCR at Railroad Site Using SourceKill

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