- Eliot Cooper - Craig Bruno, Brad Droy

Perspectives from manufacturers, implementers and users

When environmental consultant Craig Bruno, Landmark Environmental, Inc. was reviewing remediation strategies for a project in Denver, he had a lot of options - so why did he decide to utilize a new chemistry? 

In this webinar, Craig will be joined by Brad Droy from TEA, Inc, and Cascade Environmental’s Eliot Cooper to discuss when it makes sense to consider something new. They’ll cover:

  • Questions you should ask about a new technology 
  • Cost (initial v. total lifecycle) 
  • Schedule 
  • Safety 
  • Injectability (physical form v. lithology) 
  • Chemistry 
    • Persistence 
    • Residence time 
    • Efficacy on target contaminants 
  • How to compare existing options with new ones (when it may not be apples to apples) 
  • Regulatory acceptance 
  • And more 

This is your chance to hear from a chemistry manufacturer, contractor and consultant about their thoughts on when and how to choose new technologies.

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Eliot Cooper
Eliot Cooper

Vice President, Technology and Business Development

Craig Bruno
Craig Bruno

Senior Environmental Project Manager, Landmark Environmental, Inc.

Brad Droy
Brad Droy

President and CEO, TEA, Inc. 

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