- Eliot Cooper

Activated carbon (AC) has been a cornerstone in the remediation of petroleum sites for over two decades, often combined with other treatment chemistries for enhanced results. Recently, its application has expanded to address chlorinated solvent sites using chemical reduction additives. However, the industry has been debating the dominant process: sequestration or treatment chemistries. Cascade, a leader in colloidal carbon chemistries, introduces its patent-pending “ColloidalChem +ISCR” technology, offering a groundbreaking approach to in situ treatment of PCE and TCE.

In a unique laboratory research program, the coupling of contaminant destruction reactions with the robust adsorption properties of activated carbon was explored. Experiments, primarily focused on the destruction of 5 mg/L of PCE or TCE in water. The research unveiled a novel chemical remediation process where activated carbon surfaces expedite the chemical reduction of carbon-chlorine bonds in VOCs, enhancing in situ treatment of PCE and TCE. The webinar will cover the potential of this groundbreaking ISCR technology, addressing unanswered questions, ongoing research areas, and plans for field implementation and commercialization.

Join us for this enlightening session led by Eliot Cooper, VP of Technology & Business Development, as we explore the future of in situ remediation.


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Eliot Cooper
Eliot Cooper

Vice President, Technology and Business Development

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