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Success on a remediation project depends on many moving parts working together towards accomplishing a common goal.

In part one of our Meet the Experts behind Cascade Thermal blog series, you met our senior experts, all of whom played key roles in the development and commercialization of the three thermal technologies that we offer. In part two, you got to know our Sales Team, your first points of contacts when you want to discuss the viability of thermal remediation at any given site. Now, you will learn about what makes a good project manager and have the opportunity to connect with the experts responsible for ensuring that thermal remediation projects are completed on time, on budget, while meeting specific site goals and objectives.

Any successful project manager possesses the following key attributes: knowledge, proven experience, and the right personality.



Fundamental project management skills, leadership abilities, and industry related skills are requirements of someone demonstrating leadership abilities in the environmental remediation field. A proven leader provides and demonstrates vision, direction, sound judgment, conflict resolution, communication, and team building skills.

They must also have a strong grasp of the fundamentals of project management, which include being extremely organized, and familiarity with industry-specific project management tools and reporting techniques.

Finally, a successful project manager must have niche industry skills and understanding of the entire project life-cycle.


Proven Experience

Before an environmental remediation project begins, successful managers have a clear definition of the project’s objectives, requirements, and timetables. This way they can come up with a strategic approach in order to execute the project effectively. Cascade’s thermal project managers have extensive experience in our niche industry and know what it takes to manage large project deliverables and milestones on time and within budget.

Any project of the same magnitude of an active thermal remediation site will encounter unexpected conditions that have potential to be detrimental to a project’s overall success. A strong project manager has the ability to overcome trouble when it arises, while keeping clients in the loop with effective communication.



Although personality may not seem like it’s high on the list of requirements for success (I’m sure we’ve all encountered project managers in the past that may lack personality, or may not have a great one), a successful project manager will have the right characteristics and people management skills.

Characteristics important to success include: aptitude; or the flexibility to adapt to changes, confidence in their team’s ability and total commitment to seeing their client’s objectives through. A project manager will also have a proactive attitude, be open minded to suggestions, be trustworthy and often times creative in their solutions to tricky problems.

Finally, project managers have the right people management skills, as their teams are often large and ever changing throughout the different stages of a project (planning, mobilization, construction, start-up, operations, shut-down, demobilization, etc.). Our PMs have experience building and managing interpersonal relationships and know how to influence their team while winning respect. They know when to take a step back, NOT manage, and trust their team to accomplish their tasks. They also are great active listeners and promote fairness within their teams.


Our Team

Below you’ll find contact information for the all of Cascade Thermals project management team. Connect with our experienced team members today to discuss any questions you may have about the thermal remediation process or how it may be applicable to a specific project you are involved with:

Project Manager:

When a thermal remediation project moves from conceptualization to implementation, our clients want assurance that the project progresses smoothly. This means the project must be highly organized to minimize any irregularities that may affect the overall duration or cost in negative ways. Cascade Thermal overcomes site challenges because we employ the most experienced Project Managers in the industry. Our project managers have overseen more complicated and diverse types of thermal projects than any other thermal company and therefore and when a challenge is encountered in the field, they know how to overcome it while effectively communicating options with the client.

Thanks to the Project Management Institute (PMI) for the inspiration for this blog post. For more information visit their blog, What are the core competencies of a successful project manager?

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