- Eliot Cooper

Throughout the remediation project lifecycle, consultants reach out to contractors and amendment suppliers to support site characterization, design, and field implementation of remedies, typically through a competitive procurement process. This process often results in awarding a contract to the conforming bid with the lowest price, often referred to as “best price.” That is why it is critical the RFP—and all bids, whether lump sum, time, and materials and with or without guarantees—address the elements deemed vital to controlling cost and remediation success.

In this webinar, VP of Technology Eliot Cooper will draw on his 25 years of experience in responding to RFPs to discuss challenges that arise due to poorly defined RFPs and/or procurement processes, as well as how to overcome them. Attendees will receive a robust template that will help ensure the right information is requested in the next RFP—and will help confirm whether the contractor delivers.

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Eliot Cooper
Eliot Cooper

Vice President, Technology and Business Development

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