- Dan Spencer - Matt Ficeto

Join us for an engaging webinar that offers a comprehensive overview of what to expect when planning over or in-water projects. Our experts, Matt Ficeto and Dan Spencer will guide you through the key aspects of planning and executing marine projects, including safety considerations, regulatory compliance, and effective project management.

Planning a marine project can be complex, but our experts will break it down for you. They will cover compliance regulations, access point evaluations, and the impact of water depth, currents, and tides on your project. Matt and Dan will also discuss the various types of boats and barges used in marine work, helping you choose the right vessel for your needs.

Dive into the Certification/Inspection Process with us as we explore the essential components that ensure safety and compliance in marine projects. Discover real-world applications of marine vessels through our case studies and project highlights. We will discuss the use of lift boats, spud barges, shallow draft lift boats, raft-style, and flexi-float barges in marine projects, showcasing specific case studies demonstrating their effectiveness and versatility.

This webinar is led by Dan Spencer, VP of Operations, and Matt Ficeto, Manager of Operations at ADT. Take advantage of this opportunity to gain valuable insights and tools to enhance your marine projects.

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Dan Spencer
Dan Spencer

VP of Operations at Aquifer Drilling & Testing, a Cascade Company

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