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What Does a Sustainable Sourcing Program Look Like?

Sustainable Sourcing encompasses economic, environmental, and social considerations into the process of procuring goods and services. Cascade purchases significant amounts of goods and services from smaller vendors to help operate our business and better serve our customers.

Through our Sustainable Sourcing program, Cascade seeks to reduce the adverse impact of our purchases by first considering the practices and standards of these vendors within our process of sourcing and procurement. Sustainable Sourcing Guidelines are used to determine the best value of products/services for the company by considering the way in which products are made, used, transported, stored, packaged, priced and managed at end-of-life. Through careful supply chain management and product choices, Cascade is an able partner with companies that align with Cascade’s vision of sustainability.

Supply Chain Diversity is a Top Priority in Cascade’s Sustainable Sourcing Program

There are many attributes that are considered to ensure a particular vendor is in alignment with Cascade’s core values. Product considerations are certainly important, but the foremost quality that we look for in our Sustainable Sourcing program is whether or not the vendor in question is a certified small business and/or diversified supplier.

At Cascade, our organization has fostered a lot of strength through working with diversity business enterprises. There is no doubt that working directly with small business and diversity business enterprises positively impacts the local economies in which our team members work and live.

Finding Strength in Supply Chain Diversity

At Cascade, we’re proud to support a strong supply chain through numerous close partnerships and collaborations with diversity owned businesses. We believe that a robust supply chain strengthens our organization from the ground up, enabling us to deliver maximum value to our clients. Furthermore, our Supplier Diversity Program -- which is designed to identify, and collaborate through productive partnerships with small and diversity business enterprises -- helps us create better partners, stronger customers, and sustained economic growth for both our partners and clients.

Congratulations to our Teaming Partner TWS Environmental!

We’re incredibly proud to partner with TWS Environmental through our Sustainable Sourcing Program. We’d like congratulate Jose Suarez, President of TWS Environmental, for securing 4 new diversity business certifications:

  • Environmental Protection Agency - Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (EPA DBE)
  • State of Washington - Minority Business Enterprise (MBE)
  • State of Delaware - Service Disabled Veteran Owned Business Enterprise (SDVOBE)
  • Howard County, Maryland - Minority Business Enterprise (MBE)

With these 4 new certifications, TWS now holds 23 local, state, and federal certifications! TWS is a full service environmental company offering turnkey project management and support focused on a collaborative and integrated team approach. With over 37 years of combined experience with various drilling technologies, site characterization, and environmental remediation, as partner, TWS provides invaluable support to Cascade’s nationwide operations.

If you’re interested in any of the capabilities of TWS Environmental, we encourage you to visit their site to learn more, or connect with President Jose Suarez via LinkedIn for more information pertaining to TWS’ services and certifications.

Cascade is committed to Sustainable Sourcing which allows us to invest and grow responsibly and sustainably, while partnering like-minded organizations like TWS in order to positively impact the local economies in which we work.
To find out more about our Sustainable Sourcing program, or any of the drilling and environmental remediation services that we provide, visit Cascade-Env.com today!

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