- Deborah Shaffer Schnell, PE

ISS 101: What You Need to Know When Considering In Situ Stabilization

In situ stabilization (ISS)—also known as deep soil mixing (DSM)—is a common technology originally developed for the geotechnical construction industry, but has since proven to be a cost-effective remedy for many subsurface environmental impacts. ISS is typically utilized for contaminant isolation and reduced solubility, in addition to improvement of the stabilized matrix’s compressive strength and reduction of hydraulic conductivity. This technology isn’t constrained by specific equipment or methods, which makes it a flexible solution for a variety of project sites.

In this webinar, we’ll provide an overview of ISS, explain the methods, techniques and equipment to consider, and identify the limitations and challenges with this technology.

This is a pre-recorded broadcast, but you will be able to download additional content about the use of ISS, as well as submit questions for our experts to follow up with you about.

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